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Accent Neutralization/Global Accent Training

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Accent Neutralization/Global Accent Training

This training program is specially designed for all those individuals, who might be comfortable in spoken English, but face a lot of difficulty with their accent while speaking in English. There could be some individuals who have a heavy regional touch to their speech, or MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) problem. Some may feel that their speech is afflicted by a heavy “Desi” or heavy Indian accent, which they want to get rid of, and therefore are keen to adopt more of a Neutral/Global Accent. This training program encapsulates all the verbal exercises, and training lessons to help you minimize and gradually eliminate the Mother tongue Influence from your speech, and make you sound more like an international citizen. And yes! We also consider it pertinent to include the pronunciation training in this program to make it more comprehensive.

Who can avail of this training program?

  • Working Professionals
  • Students
  • NRIs etc.
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