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American Accent/Canadian Accent Training

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American/US Accent Training

7-10 days classroom training Or on Weekend basis

"Don't let your poor 'Desi' accent prevent you from being the Most efficient and Confident Person!"

  • Are you an NRI struggling with communicating in an American way?
  • Are you visiting abroad for studies/work or Settlement? Etc.
  • Are you an International trader or Professional who wants to pursue his career in America?
  • Want to come across just like an “American” by speaking quite like them, and be one of them?
  • Technically despite acquiring American nationality still do not sound like one?

No need to worry!!

How will you Benefit by Joining:

  • We are here to help you understand and speak in that “elite” American Accent
  • We are here to offer an expert training with the help of experienced and seasoned trainers.
  • Specialized group or Individual Learning sessions to steer you through learning this “New Accent”
  • Experienced faculty who is passionate about seeing you achieve your goals through communication.
  • Genuine and honest faculty ready to give their 100% along with you in transforming your Accent /Speech significantly.

The problem with Non-Native English Speakers is that they probably did not have the advantage of being exposed to oral English as it is spoken by native speakers. Therefore, unless you make a conscious effort to learn the American Accent step-by-step, you cannot speak English on the same level as a native speaker. Thankfully, it is not impossible to pick up the American Accent at any age. In fact, this is why the American Accent Training was designed. It is an English language learning process which was designed specifically for non-native English speakers.

Are you interested in learning the American Accent? There are several reasons why you may want to learn the American Accent. Some people want to learn the American Accent so that they will sound better when they speak in English; others are simply interested in the potential benefits that they may reap from having the ability to speak English with an American Accent. Some people have professional as well as social requirements to learn American/US accent. Of course, there are also some people who simply want to be able to communicate more effectively in English. Whatever may be your reason to adopt an American Accent, you can join our specialized American Accent training programme either on a weekend basis or regular basis.

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