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Why Us

Why To Choose Us
  • Do you feel Spoken English is a problem for you?
  • Do you want to learn American Accent from the authentic US accent training providers?
  • Do you want to learn British Accent from authentic trainers
  • Do you often feel that if you had better communication skills, it would have got you a better paying job?
  • Are you lacking in fluency? and facing hesitation while speaking in English?
  • Do you often think that if your Spoken English Skills were better, you could have been respected more at work place or in society?
  • Do you want to get rid of your “Desi” Accent in your speech, and cut out the heavy “Mother Tongue Influence” from it?
  • Do you feel that if you were speaking English in Neutral Accent/Global Accent, with proper pronunciation you could have been a more confident individual or employee?
  • Do you aspire to speak more professionally at your work place?
  • Do you feel that you must improve your “Business English”, and sound more professional, while giving any office presentations, or communicating with your bosses, colleagues?
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If you want to acquire authentic training in


Places with stronger accents, such as parts of Scotland, can be particularly difficult to understand.


Some people have professional as well as social requirements to learn American/US accent.


There could be some individuals who have a heavy regional touch to their speech, or MTI problem.


Pronunciation is the way in which a word or a language is spoken.


This training program is for all those individuals, who might be comfortable in spoken English, but face difficulty with their accent while speaking in English.


This program is designed for making students comfortable in speaking business english.

The Right Destination for Accent & Pronunciation Training

With our Specialized training you will be able to :
  • Speak with lucid /Correct pronunciation
  • Speak in an intelligible manner every time you speak
  • Communicate more confidently
  • Eliminate that “Desi Accent” start sounding more like a “Global Citizen”
  • Minimize OR eliminate that “Mother Tongue Influence” from your speech
  • Speak confidently and be understood on the phone by your clients/friends.
  • Have brighter prospects for promotions /leadership roles and better jobs.
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Why Voice Accent Training Institute?

There is a sense of contentment that is experienced with learning a language. It will be very rewarding the first time you understand a movie completely, or read a book completely. Or even helping an English speaking tourist find his/her way around your city? It is also fun to tell your friends what the new movie in the theaters is like.

Yes that is what motivates us as an institute, to see our students /trainees speak English with ease, without any sort of hesitation. That's the attitude which sets us apart from the rest, to genuinely help our learners not only to speak but also speak in correct accent and pronunciation, which other institutes sometimes miss.

  • Learners have different learning requirements
  • Learn by speaking, not cramming
  • Encourage not criticize
  • Small groups
  • To learn you must be dedicated
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